Phase 3: ICO

Investor focus.

This phase will focus on the release of the IBUX token. The IBUX token will provide utility to token holders including reduced trading fees. The IBUX token whitepaper will be released explaining the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Tokenomics.

The IBUX ICO shall include the following key points:

  • IBUX will be available to ImmutaSwap traders via an ETH-IBUX trading pair.

  • Holding IBUX in an Immutable X L2 wallet will provide users with reduced trading fees.

  • The Reduced fee schedule will follow an exponential decay curve that will benefit traders who hold a small amount of IBUX.

  • An example fee schedule may include:

    • 3% trading fee - Trader holds no IBUX

    • 2% trading fee - Trader holds a single IBUX

    • <2% to 1% trading fee - Trader holds more than 1 and up to a maximum threshold IBUX

  • IBUX holder with a significant number (TBD) of tokens will provide access to VIP rewards, such as custom Immutable X tools, early access to partner promotions, special chat rooms in Discord, and more.

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