The ImmutaSwap team has achieved several milestones including:

  • Obtained the aptly named URL

  • Launched the ImmutaSwap MVP website and cryptocurrency exchange service

  • Endorsed by the Immutable X team as an essential platform tool

  • Granted the #immutaswap-io discord channel by the Immutable X team.

  • Expanded to 8 team members

  • Incorporated as a Delaware C-Corp and actively pursuing seed funding and grants

  • Compatible with any ERC20 tokens supported by Immutable X (with exceptions)

  • Created a popular stable-NFT called “Immutabucks” for ERC20 token swapping

  • Minted Collaborative NFTs with Vy Worlds, Immutable Paws, and Code Rad

  • Reached the #1 NFT in the world (in sales volume) August/September 2022

  • Reached over $32M in NFT trade volume since launch.

  • Generated over $150K in revenue since launch

  • Granted royalty-free NFT listing on Token Trove

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