ImmutaSwap is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange service for the Immutable X platform. This whitepaper outlines the current state of the project (MVP), future plans (AMM) and path toward achieving these plans (Roadmap). The ImmutaSwap project has achieved several milestones and generated significant interest within the Immutable X community, including a developer grant and endorsement by Immutable. This whitepaper is a living document and shall be updated regularly to reflect the state of the project.


The original pet project was launched out of necessity. Although the Immutable X platform seemed interesting and exciting, the process of moving crypto tokens to/from the Ethereum Mainnet was cumbersome and expensive. After spending countless hours in the land of Discord and within the various crypto communities, the original founder determined that there was a definite need to develop an exchange to support the Immutable X community.

The original founder has since developed a functioning cryptocurrency exchange and the project and team continue to grow and evolve, based on the needs and feedback provided by the Immutable X community.

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