Liquidity Pool

The ImmutaSwap liquidity pool is a collection of crypto wallets containing the various supported types and amounts of cryptocurrency (ERC20) and NFT (ERC721). The crypto pools are used to purchase IBUX back from the community, and to store IBUX and the net proceeds from IBUX sales. There are two scenarios in which an IBUX buy would occur. The first scenario occurs when IBUX are listed for sale by the owner at or below the market value (including fees). The second scenario occurs when a seller directly sells the IBUX back to ImmutaSwap. The details of how ImmutaSwap performs IBUX buys is included in the ImmutaBots section below.

The total volume of the liquidity pool expands as the demand for cryptocurrency exchanges increases in order to ensure enough funds are available to support the expected exchange volume. The expected volume is automatically determined by our logarithmic growth function, but the process of adding additional liquidity is currently a manual process. Note that the Liquidity Pool is conceptually similar to, but not the same as an AMM (see the Automated Market Maker section for more details).

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