Minimum Viable Product

The ImmutaSwap Minimum Viable Product (MVP) presents a novel approach to a cryptocurrency exchange for the Immutable X community. The MVP cryptocurrency exchange has been operational since March of 2022 and has processed over $32M in transaction volume since inception.
The following example illustrates a typical ImmutaSwap exchange process.
  • User has IMX tokens worth 5 USDC and wants GODS tokens
  • User buys a 5 USDC ImmutaBuck NFT from ImmutaSwap for 5.89 IMX
  • User lists ImmutaBuck for 14.77 GODS on the global orderbook
  • ImmutaSwap bot buys the ImmutaBuck for 14.77 GODS
The mechanics of the ImmutaSwap token exchange fundamentally involves four key components: ImmutaBucks NFT, Liquidity Pool, ImmutaBots, and UX. The following sections provide details of ImmutaBucks NFTokenomics and the exchange methodology.
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